Company Videos

Videos drive a significant amount of organic traffic from search engines. They are not only a great way to increase website visitors but show that there are real people behind the company name.

Need a videographer to tell your story? Tailored to small to medium sized businesses who don’t have large budgets to spend on video production, Mrs. B Productions works within your budget and time frame to help bring your story to life!

Some of My Work...

Promotional Videos

A re-branded video to promote their vision and their unique programming at Grove School.

A video promoting CrossFit Oshawa’s Master’s Class, a program designed for 50+ beginner athletes.

In this video, Valentina, the co-owner of one of the most popular Russian bathhouses in Toronto, South-Western Bathhouse, talks about the history of their business and what visitors can expect.

A highlights reel of a CrossFit competition, the Durham Fall Classic 2018.

A motivational video put together for CrossFit Oshawa to inspire their members

This is an educational video promoting the client’s Foundations Program.

Educational Videos & Customer Success Stories

CFO decided to launch a web series that teaches athletes correct movement in order to prevent injury and to help their members achieve their goals.

In this video, Kevin, the head coach at CFO, talks about the proper techniques of running.

This is an example of a customer success story. Sasha discusses how she heard of CFO and her fitness progress.

Rob talks about his journey at CFO and why he loves the community. This is a great way to shine a light on a business through the eyes of a customer.

DIS was acquired by Perseus. Randy, GM at DIS, discusses the acquisition process and why other deals should consider Perseus.

Magstar was acquired by Perseus. Steven, the President at Magstar, talks about his experience and how having Perseus on his side helped him stabilize the company.

Behind the Scenes


As part of a Valentine’s Day Giveaway, two contestants were selected by Kissed by Light Studio to participate in a boudoir photoshoot. I had the chance to film the entire process.

Mrs. B Productions worked professionally and diligently with us at CrossFit Oshawa for one day and what she was able to pull out of that session will give us everlasting dividends of footage. Her ability to pull out our best was incredible, as I am not experienced on camera in any way, I was nervous to receive the final product. I was shocked when I saw myself through the “Mrs. B lens.” Our leads, current athletes, and ourselves alike have all appreciated how Alena has captured the true essence of the CFO culture and brought it to life through her footage. We are forever grateful for the opportunity to work with her.
— Kevin Bowles, Co-Founder at CrossFit Oshawa

Video Services Available:

Film Case Studies and Success Stories

Case Studies/Success Stories

  • Customer success stories

  • Interviews with executives

  • Product videos

Put Together Who We Are Videos

'Who We Are' Videos

  • Company history & vision

  • Grand openings

Small Event Film Productions

Small Event Productions

  • Launch parties

  • Corporate retreats & celebrations

  • Customer conferences

Alena did a few videos for our company and they all came out fantastic! She’s a great story teller and can magically turn whatever materials she can find into a captivating story. The entire video shoot was a breeze and we’ll definitely be hiring her again in the future!
— Kseniya Savelyeva, Marketing Director at Constellation Dealership Software


Social media platforms are in competition with each other. In order to maximize engagement and get more eye balls on your videos, you have to upload videos directly to each platform. These videos also need to meet the platform’s specific video dimensions, frame rates, etc.

As part of the deliverables package, I create two versions of videos that you can use across the web along with instructions on when and how to post to ensure high viewership.


  • Instructions on how to setup a YouTube channel for your business along with recommended channel tags and channel art

  • YouTube/Vimeo-Friendly Video (upload to your channel and website)

  • Facebook/LinkedIn-Friendly Video (upload directly to each platform, videos include captions so that videos can be viewed on mute when auto-played on the feed)

  • A custom thumbnail

  • A schedule on the perfect time to post your video

  • Opt: An Instagram Video

  • Opt: Title, Description, Tags, and Keywords for your video

  • Opt: Let me take care of the setup for you: I can setup your YouTube channel, and upload videos to each platform along with each caption, description, call to action.

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