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My name is Alena and I’m the creator of Mrs. B Productions, a small Toronto-based business that helps individuals, families and small-to-medium sized companies tell their story.

Alena Blyshchyk

A Bit About Me

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Alena worked as a Marketing Manager for several B2B corporations in Toronto. To see her full work experience, visit her LinkedIn profile.

She is a self-taught videographer with experience in filming corporate interviews. She speaks fluent English and Russian.

She is known for being a sweet tooth among her friends and family, loves to read detective novels, traveled to over 30 countries, and enjoys the outdoors.

What she values: Honesty, Passion, Courage.  

Services Available:

Small Business Video Stories

Business Videos 

  • Testimonial videos

  • 'Who We Are' films

  • Launches & conferences

Family and Personal Video Documentaries

Family & Personal Stories

  • Personal autobiography

  • Love stories 

  • Family documentaries

Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing Consulting

  • Website auditing

  • Event planning

  • Email campaigns

A very candid picture of me and my grandparents

A very candid picture of me and my grandparents

Why Family Documentaries?

My family was the source of my inspiration for this side of the business, specifically my grandmother. See, she wasn’t feeling well. My family was worried for her health and in such moments, negative thoughts get the best of you. We were guilty for listening to her stories throughout all these years, but never bothering to really listen to her and remember the details.

And now, with her health faltering, all the knowledge of our family - our ancestors - including her stories and childhood memories of all of us growing up, will be forgotten. We were devastated for the possibility of losing a loved one along with generations of family lineage.

It suddenly dawned on me - why not record our conversations as she’s going through photo albums, going about her daily chores, just record her as she is? 

So that’s exactly what I did. 

I combined my marketing experience along with my creative spark, learned videography from scratch and began my journey.

During the entire production process, my family noticed her spirits lifting, her health improving. She was raising her head a bit higher and was smiling more. She felt appreciated.

With this familial project, she was able to recount all the happy memories of her life and carry them throughout the days.

Being so inspired, I decided to build a full family tree and started interviewing the rest of my family.

It was quite a project and I’m so happy that I have something to show to my future children and grandchildren so that they can learn about those before them and the impact their decisions had on their lives.

Helping others tell their story is very rewarding for me. I can’t believe how much I learn from each interview.

With all the technology around these days meant to bring us closer together, sometimes all it takes is to just have a one-on-one conversation.

My beautiful grandmother, the inspiration behind Mrs. B Productions

My beautiful grandmother, the inspiration behind Mrs. B Productions

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